Boat and Walking Tours at DBF 2022


The Dublin Book Festival kicks off today!

We at DBF have strived not only to provide an extensive, diverse range of literary and creative events but unique experiences as well, as part of Fáilte Ireland’s Winter in Dublin campaign.

Come to Dublin and experience the city through a new lens, by taking one of our fantastic literary boat tours down the Liffey and into Dublin Bay.

Poets Dagogo Hart, Samuel Yakura and Emmet O’ Brien will offer a wonderful spoken word session to the backdrop of Dublin and its historic river. (Book tickets HERE!!)

Renowned storyteller Niall De Búrca will also be holding a marvellous storytelling boat tour, where he will bewitch you with his captivating stories. (Book tickets HERE!)

Both are available for just €10!

Our exceptional walking tours also offer exciting new ways to explore Dublin City, like visual artist Renata Pekowska’s sketching walking tour.

Other walking tours we are hosting include a Nature Escape in the City with John Connell, a tour of Medieval Dublin’s historical sites with Paul Duffy, a Mindful Walk with Padraig O’ Morain, Donal Fallon’s Three Castles Burning Walking Tour and several Literary Walking tours hosted by Pat Liddy.

A festival at the heart of Dublin City, with new ways of viewing and experiencing the city at the heart of the festival!

Tickets are selling fast so be sure to grab some up as soon as possible, and don’t forget to check out our programme to see what other amazing events we have available over the week!