DBF Team Festival Highlights

We asked the DBF Team to tell us what they were most looking forward to from our 2021 Programme.

Read on to find out which events Festival Assistant Nadine Cosgrave picked.

It Rose Up Book Launch

8.00pm, Friday the 12th of November, Free Online Event

After the (almost) two years we have had, escapism and fantasy have provided a much-needed respite when we needed it the most. I’m really looking forward to this event to hear of the lost myths of Irish Culture and to explore the mystical myths of Ireland. The forgotten tales include twisted themes of occultism, magic and are sure to open your mind to the dark tales of our ancestors! 

Full event details here.

Sketching Draw Along with Róisín Curé 

12:30pm, Friday the 12th of November, Live Audience

Urban Sketching is the practise of capturing your surroundings in the moment, it’s a  spontaneous response to people, places and environments. Róisín Curé teaches this practise and this event allows you to join along to sketch the gorgeous grounds of Chester Beatty. The essence of this type of art is to stop and capture what the artist finds beautiful around them at that moment and to honour it, which is sure to result in some beautiful sketches!

Full event details here.

By Land and Sea: Poetry Walking and Boat Tour with Michael O’Loughlin and David Butler

11:00am Saturday the 13th of November, Live Audience

I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a Saturday morning than to travel Dublin by boat while listening to the charming poetry of Michael O’Loughlin and David Butler. This is an event that really showcases the best Ireland has to offer; striking landscapes and talented artists.

Full event details here.

Learwife: JR Thorp in conversation with Nadine O’Regan

7:30pm Saturday the 13th of November, Live Audience & Livestream

Giving voices to the forgotten women in history is a necessary and honourable piece of work. JR Thorp has given a voice to Lear’s wife in her feminist tale Learwife, the forgotten mother who is only mentioned twice in Shakespeare’s tragedy. As a librettist and a lyricist, the imagery and description of this book are sure to be delicate and beautiful. 

Full event details here.

Your Favourite Irish Trans Writer

11.00am Sunday the 14th of November, Live Audience & Livestream

In partnership with Gay Community News, this event gives an opportunity to acknowledge the marginalised Trans community within Ireland and to shine a light on the talent, experiences and voices of Irish Trans writers. Diversity within Irish culture has a long way to go yet, but events like this are vital to provide the Trans community with a platform to share their truths. 

Full event details here.