Book Launch: In the Foul Rag-and-Bone Shop by Jack Harte

  • Saturday 11th November @ 1:00 pm
  • The Printworks, Dublin Castle
  • Free. Booking required

    Join us to celebrate the publication of In the Foul Rag-and-Bone Shop (Scotus Press) by writer and playwright Jack Harte. When an eccentric and reclusive Dublin artist’s paintings go missing, a crisis is set in motion and he has to engage with the world. Across the ocean in New York lives an equally eccentric and reclusive President of an Investment Fund. This playfully philosophical novel tackles the major issues of our time, while maintaining a sense of fun throughout.


    Jack Harte is a novelist, short story writer, and playwright, whose work has been published in 13 languages. His short story collections include Murphy in the Underworld (1986), Birds and Other Tails (1996), From Under Gogol’s Nose (2004), and Rehabilitating the Serpent (2017). His first novel Reflections in a Tar-Barrel (2006) was nominated in Des Kenny’s book as one of the 101 Irish Books You Must Read. Reflections in a Tar-Barrel, was first published in Bulgaria, where it garnered a large and appreciative readership. His most recent, Uneasy Bedfellows, was released in May, 2023. Since 2015 he has had 9 plays produced in Ireland and abroad. He founded the Irish Writers Centre and the Irish Writers Union.