Ghostly Stories BOOKED OUT Amy Clarkin, Oein DeBhairduin and Anne Doyle

  • Thursday 09th November @ 5:45 pm
  • Marsh's Library
  • 12

    Join this spooky walk through the historic Marsh’s Library, listening to ghostly readings along the way. Amy Clarkin’s What Walks These Halls (The O’Brien Press) is a story that centres around the haunted Hyacinth House. Oein DeBhairduin’s Twiggy Woman (Skein Press) is a collection of ghost stories rooted in the oral tradition of the Irish Traveller community. Anne Doyle’s Tales of the Otherworld (Gill Books) is a fabulously frightful anthology of Irish ghost stories, handpicked by the nation’s beloved newsreader.


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    Amy Clarkin is a writer from Dublin. Her non-fiction writing is often on the theme of chronic illness and identity, and has been featured in Sonder Literary Magazine, Rogue, and Dear Damsels. Her debut novel, What Walks These Halls, was published in April to rave reviews, with Book 2 coming in Spring 2024. She can generally be found by the sea, drinking coffee, talking about her dog, or asking people what their favourite ghost story is.



    Oein de Bhairduin is from Galway in the west of Ireland. He loves stories, new and old, long shared and freshly told. It brings joy to his heart to read and tell tales from and about his community, the Mincéirí. He works in the National Museum of Ireland where he collects the objects and their stories that connect our past to our present and hopeful futures. 



    Anne Doyle is a former journalist, broadcaster and newsreader – a face and voice known around the country for fronting RTÉ One’s main evening news. Originally from County Wexford, she now lives in Dublin with her partner.




    During the winter months the building can be quite cold so please dress warmly. Please be aware that, due to the nature of the historic building, the public galleries of the Library are unfortunately not accessible to wheelchairs.