History of Ireland in Maps Pat Liddy

  • Sunday 12th November @ 11:00 am
  • The Printworks, Dublin Castle
  • Free. Booking required

    Join writer, historian, artist and mapmaker Pat Liddy to discover his new book History of Ireland in Maps (HarperCollins), a history of Ireland with a major difference. A substantial hard-backed book about the main events, serious and sometimes quirky, in the long history of the island, even going back to Ice Age and beyond, each story is accompanied by a map or image, often lavishly illustrated, which was usually drawn contemporary with the event it refers to. 


    Pat Liddy is an Irish artist, historian, writer, illustrator, broadcaster, mapmaker, and environmental lobbyist. The author and illustrator of more than seven books on the city of Dublin, as well as others on Irish cultural sites, he is currently the walking tour operator of Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours of Dublin.