On the Trail of the Irish Yeti – BOOKED OUT With Alan Nolan

  • Wednesday 29th May @ 11:00 am
  • Free

    Students will join author and illustrator Alan Nolan as he talks about his book Molly Malone & Bram Stoker in the Curious Case of the Irish Yeti (The O’Brien Press), which was selected for World Book Day 2024 Ireland. Learn how to draw an Abominable Snowman, take part in the Victorian Dublin Quiz, and follow Molly & Bram on the trail of the most menacing monster of all … the Irish Yeti!

    This is a schools’ event. Suitable for 3rd – 5th class.

    This event is now booked out. Our November programme of schools’ events will be open for expressions of interest from mid September.

    Alan Nolan is the author and illustrator of Fintan’s FifteenConor’s Caveman and the Sam Hannigan series, and he is the illustrator of the popular Gordon’s Game books written by Gordon D’Arcy and Paul Howard, as well as Animal Crackers by Sarah Webb. His new ‘hysterically historical’ book, Molly Malone & Bram Stoker in Double Trouble at the Dead Zoo, the follow up to his popular novel The Sackville Street Caper is out now, and his #1 best-selling book for World Book Day 2024 Molly Malone & Bram Stoker in the Curious Case of the Irish Yeti was released on 7th March.