Pocket Forests Workshop BOOKED OUT Catherine Cleary and Ashe Conrad-Jones

  • Friday 10th November @ 11:30 am
  • The Digital Hub
  • Free

    Pocket Forests bring joy to communities and nature to urban areas. They help people feel like they belong in shared green spaces and help them to remember a connection to the natural world and each other. Join them at their nursery in The Digital Hub for a lively 45 minute workshop on why we need to retrofit nature into our urban lives. Learn how working with nature can bring abundance and beauty back to our gardens, streets, towns and cities.


    Catherine Cleary is an award-winning journalist, author and climate activist. In 2020 with co-founder Ashe Conrad-Jones they set up Pocket Forests, a Dublin social enterprise connecting communities and making space for nature in urban areas. She writes the weekly Game Changers column for The Irish Times highlighting climate and biodiversity actions. She is the author and co-author of four books, has written and hosted several radio and podcast series and is the mother of three sons.  This year she planted more than 6,000 trees with family and friends in a native woodlands project of over 24,000 native trees.

    Ashe Conrad-Jones is co-founder of Pocket Forests as well as a SME business owner. Ashe has extensive financial and staff management experience as the CFO of Gorilla Design. She believes deeply that the key to a sustainable future is to establish more native wildness in our cities in partnership with communities.