The Wizard’s Dagger BOOKED OUT Fiona Sherlock

  • Sunday 12th November @ 12:00 pm
  • The Printworks, Dublin Castle
  • Free. Booking required

    Age 9+ years

    Step into the enchanting realm of “The Wizard’s Dagger,” an immersive children’s mystery game set in a magical kingdom. Join author Fiona Sherlock for a captivating experience as you become witches, wizards, and magical creatures. The eminent Jippity Umlot, an authority on wizardry, has been found murdered with his own dagger, shrouding the eve of his prestigious Golden Feather award in disaster. Unite with fellow magical beings to unravel this captivating murder mystery created by Fiona Sherlock, a crime writer and game designer. 

    This event is booked out, however as it is a free event people may not turn up on the day and we will allow walk-ups on the day subject to availability and based on first come, first serve.


    Fiona Sherlock is a crime writer from Bective in County Meath, Ireland. The author of Death Visits January  and Twelve Motives for Murder, her third mystery novel, Supper for Six will be published in October by Hodder Fiction/Hachette. She’s completing an MSt in Creative Writing at Cambridge University, working on an immersive biography of Irish writer Mary Lavin. She also runs a murder mystery games business, selling over 100,000 printable kits and has created events for several A-list celebrities. Before taking her writing full-time in 2019, she spent a decade working in corporate public relations. As featured on BBC News, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, Newstalk, RTE.