Wild City Ashwin Chacko

  • Saturday 11th November @ 11:30 am
  • The Printworks, Dublin Castle
  • Free

    Artist Ashwin Chacko has wonderful stories to share and bright, bold drawings to create with you in a lively, interactive event. In Wild City (The O’Brien Press), Lilly and Tim are curious and brave, and the Wild City is their adventure playground where, if you learn to look the right way and see things a little differently, everything becomes spectacular! Join Ashwin for this joyful celebration of seeking the everyday wonder in the world around us.

    Suitable age 5+ years.

    Please book 1 ticket per person attending.


    Ashwin Chacko describes himself as a ‘positively playful connector’, bringing people together through storytelling with illustration & design, and championing creativity to shape culture through talks, books, videos and workshops. His aim is to bring joy and encouragement through the art and stories he tells.