Open Call for Submissions for Dublin Book Festival 2020


I am writing to you in a world unfamiliar to us all. A strange and sometimes terrifying world. Covid-19 has affected us all in so many ways. To those who have lost loved ones, we send our deepest sympathies. To those missing loved ones, we are with you. This time will pass and our world will be different, hopefully for the better. May the random acts of kindness continue and the feeling of community and togetherness become instilled in the evolved world.

The impact the virus has had on the arts has been huge, but we are so proud to be part of a community that has adapted so rapidly and responded with so many imaginative initiatives to bring stories, poetry, art and music to adults and children around Ireland, indeed the world.

Our thoughts go out to all the festivals, book launches and other events that have had to cancel. We know the hard work behind the scenes, the passion and commitment it takes. So many have adapted, bringing authors, poets, musicians and artists together with their audiences via the internet. It is wonderful and heartwarming to see. Below we list some upcoming events, resources and more to keep you entertained during these challenging times and we thank all of those involved in continuing to bring the arts into our lives and homes.

We are continuing to work on the Dublin Book Festival 2020 and, for the moment, it remains scheduled for 12 – 15 November 2020. The festival will focus on supporting those who have had to cancel programmes, postpone book launches. We will work with venues that have lost audiences. The festival will be one of collaboration and community. One that stands with our partners, our authors, publishers, venues and so many more who have been hugely impacted during this period. We hope you will join us in November to support them all.

With this in mind, DBF is asking for authors, publishers, cultural organisations etc. to get in touch with an expression of interest to participate in the festival.

Download our Submissions Form and send via email to: by Friday May 15th.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Keep safe,

Julianne Siron and the DBF Board