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Writing for Young Adults with Paper Lanterns

28 November, 2020 , 3:00 pm 4:00 pm GMT


With Grace Kelley, Ruth Ennis, and Amy O’Sullivan

In partnership with Paper Lanterns Literary Journal

Are you a teenager who loves to write creatively? Or maybe you are a pro at writing your English essays? Or perhaps you are a massive bookworm and love to spend all day reading? Then this workshop is for you! Paper Lanterns is the new literary journal that discusses all things teen and YA literature. Meet the founders, Grace Kelley, Ruth Ennis, and Amy O’Sullivan, who will teach you all you need to know about submitting to literary journals. Learn how to write the best poem, short story, or flash fiction piece that you can. Find out how to create an essay proposal on a topic you are passionate about. Discover how to make an informative and honest book review. At the end of the workshop, you’ll get the chance to showcase some of your creative writing, proposals, or book reviews to the group!

Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns is a new literary journal, founded in 2020 by Grace Kelley, Ruth Ennis and Amy O’Sullivan, to be published four times a year. This journal provides new and exciting content for a teen and young adult audience. It is also perfect for enthusiasts of teen and YA literature.

The journal is divided into three sections. Our Creative Writing section showcases work from talented teens, as well as work from adult writers of teen and YA literature, tied in with beautiful artwork and photography. The Features section includes essays on trends in the YA literary scene and inspiring observations from our younger contributors on the world around them. You can also expect some exciting interviews from authors and literature enthusiasts. Our Reviews sections offers an insight to the latest books for teens and young adults, from readers younger and older.

Ruth Ennis

Ruth Ennis is a bookseller for Dubray Books, where she is the teen and YA buyer in her branch. She has worked in publishing and literary event management and aspires to be a children’s author. She completed her undergrad in English with Drama in UCD before going on to complete her M.Phil. in Children’s Literature.
She has written for Sonder Magazine, the Dublin Book Festival, The University Observer, UCD Caveat Lector, The Blue Nib, The Mouldy Bike, and frequently reviews for Children’s Books Ireland. She was recently selected for the Words Ireland National Mentoring Programme.
Ruth manages the features section at Paper Lanterns.

Grace Kelley

Grace studied Drama and English in Trinity College Dublin, where she specialised in playwriting under the tutelage of Marina Carr. She spent a year of her studies in UC San Diego, where she was taught by writer/filmmaker Chris Kraus. Grace recently completed her M.Phil. in Children’s Literature in Trinity College Dublin. Her studies there, focused on pirates, islands, and fairy tales, most notably, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Neverland. Grace’s writing has been shortlisted for The Red Line Book Festival and The Allingham Festival, and has been published with Palm-Sized Press, Red Line, and Reflex Fiction.
Grace manages the creative writing section at Paper Lanterns.

Amy O’Sullivan

Amy completed her undergraduate in English Literature and History in Trinity College Dublin where she discovered to her joy that she could read books for children and young adults and count it as study. She went on to complete her M.Phil. in Children’s Literature in 2019, where she traced ownership of books and looked at class, narration and magic in the books of E. Nesbit. She worked as a Marketing and Administration Assistant for Dublin Book Festival and is now working in publishing in Dublin.
Amy manages the reviews section at Paper Lanterns.

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