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The Digital Experience

We are so excited to bring our festival online for DBF2020, but we understand that learning how to use new platforms, finding the correct event link, and streaming to your tv can prove difficult. That’s why we’re going to provide you with as many helpful tips and guides as possible so that you can enjoy our festival.


Yes! with a small few exceptions. All of our free events are available for playback on Crowdcast. Visit the event page on our website and follow the link to playback.

The following events are exceptions and are not available for playback:

  • The MurderOne Masterclass
  • Graham Norton’s Home Stretch, an Online Book Event
  • Beyond the Tape with Dr Marie Cassidy, an Online Book Event

Email us at and we’ll check if you successfully registered.

Absolutely! Follow the Register link on the event page. Don’t worry if you missed the first few minutes. The event will be available for playback as soon as the live stream ends.

We are so glad that you enjoyed the event! The quickest way to share the event with your friends is directly from Crowdcast. Go to the Crowdcast event page and follow these steps:

Click Share:

Copy and paste the link to the event, or share directly to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn:

Email us at We will have support available during events and normal office hours.

We recommend refreshing your browser page. If that doesn’t work, close your browser and re-open the webpage. If you’re still having problems, drop us a line at 

We recommend viewing Crowdcast events on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Your first step here is to make sure that your device volume is turned up. Check your phone or laptop and ensure the volume is turned up.

If you’re casting to a TV, make sure your volume is turned up on both your TV and your laptop/tablet.

If that doesn’t work, your next step is to check if your stream is muted. Hover over the stream with your mouse, and click the volume button (highlighted in this picture):

If that doesn’t work, please re-fresh the entire page. If you still have a problem, please email us at

Still have questions? Reach us at