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Book Review: Grown Ups


Author: Marian Keyes

Publisher: Michael Joseph

Reviewer: Grace Kelly

Pages: 656

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780718179755

Price: €18.99

Publication Date: February 2020

Category: Fiction


The Caseys are a proudly normal family with sprawling connections and a spendaholic matriarch who wants to keep their roots firmly connected and frequently celebrated. Grown Ups catalogues a family through celebrations, holidays, even tantrums, and exposes how quickly a picture-perfect appearance can fall apart when secrets begin to slip. 

Witty, intensely heart-wrenching and genuinely evocative, Grown Ups showcases Keyes’ ability to weave complex stories together and tell them through the lens of each character’s emotion. The narrative’s focus shifts as characters’ feelings and priorities change. The novel sweeps the reader from personality to personality, and allows them to access the fierce momentum of the narrative through various character’s reactions. 

Grown Ups engages with challenging issues such as eating disorders without succumbing to tired tropes or stereotypes. The plot exposes tension in relationships between characters without losing sight of individual personality. Keyes’ ability to tell the stories of multiple individuals at once without compromising on character development is staggering in the face of such a multi-faceted, quick paced narrative. Grown Ups is the book you’ll wish you could read for the first time again and again.