Book Review: Have You Seen the Dublin Vampire?

Úna Woods

Have You Seen the Dublin Vampire?

The O’Brien Press, September 2020

Hardback, 32PP, €12.99

ISBN: 9781788491198

Review by Joanna Geoghegan

The Dublin Vampire loves to go for night-time walks around Dublin. Some of his favourite spots include O’Connell Street, Trinity College, Stephen’s Green and the Natural History Museum. Along the way, the Dublin Vampire and his little bat encounter all sorts of people in Dublin’s most famous haunts, including some dear old friends.

Úna Woods’ magical new picturebook takes its inspiration from the home of Bram Stoker in Clontarf, Dublin. This wonderfully illustrated picturebook is entertaining and educational, featuring many of Dublin’s most well-known landmarks and contextualising the legend of Dracula in an Irish setting in such a way that Bram Stoker’s legacy may be enjoyed by children without the fear factor.

Have You Seen the Dublin Vampire? contains some wonderful nods to the literary history of Dublin. Bram Stoker and his world-famous novel Dracula appear on more than one occasion, along with the centuries-old tomes of the Long Room in Trinity College, in which Woods has included an enchanting illustration of the Dublin Vampire reading from the Book of Kells.

Have You Seen the Dublin Vampire? is one of the highlights of Irish children’s publishing this year as it spirits the reader away on a thrilling romp all over Dublin’s inner city, with endearing characters and an eye-catching colour palette. This picturebook is a must-read for children who love spooky bedtime stories. Recommended age group: 2 – 4.

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