DBF Interviews: Domini Kemp

Domini Kemp
Domini Kemp, food author and co-founder of the Itsa company, recently published her fifth cookbook, The Ketogenic Kitchen (Gill Books), co-authored with Patricia Daly. Ahead of her appearance at The Business Clinic: Building and Growing Your Food Business, we asked Domini some questions about the serious business of food.


Q. As co-founder of the Itsa food company, what key piece of advice could you give to someone building a food business?
Think big! Think about future-proofing your business. Invest in good branding and keep your message simple and easy to understand. But remember that customers today are better informed and have a greater choice than ever before. You must be able to “pivot” as well as recognize when you’ve made a mistake. And don’t faff around! Make every second count.


Q. The Ketogenic Kitchen (2016) is your fifth cookbook. What was most important to you in creating this book? 

This is the book I wished I had access to when I was diagnosed for cancer for the second time. It is co-written with Nutritional Therapist Patricia Daly and promotes two diets that are both low carb with emphasis on embracing healthy, unprocessed fats. For years we have been told to follow a high-carb, low fat diet, watching our intake of salt and saturated fats. This advice is now being torn apart with new studies and the shocking information that past studies – upon which dietary guidelines were based – were completely flawed. It’s a fascinating time for nutrition, and people involved in health need to do more around prevention. We simply don’t do enough.


Q. What have you read recently that’s resonated with you?

I am a total book-worm and fly through them, but I recently tore through When breath becomes air (Bodley Head) by Paul Kalanithi in a day. I could not put it down. It was humbling, sad, beautiful and romantic. A doctor’s love letter to his career, patients, family and forces of nature. I finished the last few pages in floods of tears, so it’s safe to say it resonated with me a great deal.