DBF Team Festival Highlights

Grace Kelly is our Production and Administrative Assistant here at DBF. She’s a book reviewer, occasionally a writer and always a reader. Read on to find out what events Grace is looking forward to this year and why.

Queer Love

7pm, Monday 8th November, Online Event 

The Queer Love collection contains some truly beautiful pieces of writing. This conversation between editor Paul McVeigh and contributors Emma O’Donoghue and Neil Hegarty promises to be an insightful discussion on writing about queer experiences and live as a queer writer.  Event details here.

When We Cease To Understand the World with Benjamín Labatut

7pm, Wednesday 10th November, Online Event 

When we cease to understand the world is such a brilliant book. I’m really looking forward to hearing this conversation between Chilean writer Benjamín Labatut and Rick O’Shea. I’m particularly interested in listening to Labatut’s perspective on having his work translated (and translating himself), and the experience of finding an international audience. 

Event details here.

Eoin Colfer at The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve 

10:30am, Fri 12th November, Online

I am a huge fan of the Artemis Fowl series and the Twin’s get up to just as much divilment. Colfer’s writing is certainly matched by his enthusiastic workshops and ease with audiences, so I am really looking forward to local school’s joining in on this event. 

Event details here.

Dr Rosaleen McDonagh at the Dublin City Readers’ Morning 

12pm, Saturday 13th November, Live Audience Event & LiveStream 

The Dublin City Library Readers’ Morning is always a great way to spend the Saturday of DBF. I’m really looking forward to this event with Dr Rosaleen McDonagh. Her book Unsettled is an incredibly written collection of experiences. The event will include readings from the book from Kathleen Murphy to enhance the conversation. 

Event details here.

Play It Forward 

2pm, Sunday 14th November, Live Audience & LiveStream 

The Play it Forward initiative of Skein Press and The Stinging Fly, supported by the Arts Council. This event is going to launch the Play It Forward fellowships and the inaugural cohort of fellows is a wonderful collection of writers. I am particularly looking forward to the conversation hosted by ambassadors Lucy Caldwell and Cauvery Madhavan about the changing face of the Irish literary landscape. 

Event details here.

Reclaiming The European Street: Speeches on Europe and the European Union with President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins 

2:30pm, Saturday 13th November, Live Audience & LiveStream 

Who doesn’t love hearing President Higgins speak? The talented writer and speaker will be in conversation with Paddy Woolworth about the publication of a collection of his speeches. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to hear President Higgins talk about releasing this collection.

Event details here.