DBF Team Festival Highlights

Róisín Russell is our Marketing and Administrative Assistant here at DBF. She has always loved reading, and loves working in the world of books. Read on to find out what events Róisín is looking forward to this year and why.

Look! It’s a Woman Writer! 

1pm, Tuesday 9th November, Online Event 

There are so many brilliant Irish female writers whose works I have been enjoying recently, and I’m really looking forward to this event discussing the writing of some of the women who paved the way for them. This vibrant collection of essays is full of insight and inspiration, and I can’t wait to hear contributors Liz McManus and Mary O’Donnell discuss it in further detail with editor Éilis Ní Dhuibhne. 

Event details here.

Stories From The Sea 

2:30pm, Sunday 14th November, Live Audience Event 

Ireland is a land of legends and myths and, as an island nation, so many of these involve the sea. At this live audience event, perfectly set by the waves in the Pumphouse at Dublin Port Heritage Centre, Jo Kerrigan will be discussing her book which is a retelling of some of these wondrous tales. What a magical and transportive way to spend an afternoon! 

Event details here.

Icebound in the Arctic 

1pm, Monday 8th November, Online Event 

The icy extremities of our planet have for a long time held an absolute fascination for so many people, but most of us will never get to travel there, so must live vicariously through the writing of others. Add in historical expeditions of epic proportions, an unsolved mystery, and new revelations that might help to finally solve this mystery; what more could you ask for? I’m very excited to hear Michael Smith discuss his book further with Turtle Bunbury. 

Event details here.

Crime In The City 

7pm, Tuesday 9th November, Online Event 

From books to TV shows and podcasts, the world of crime never fails to fascinate. I love that this event is bringing together four writers from UNESCO cities of literature from different parts of the world. Sam Blake is a brilliant writer and interviewer, and I can’t wait to hear what she will be finding out in her chat with Vanda Simon, Awais Khan and Lilja Sigurðardóttir, and how their home countries have shaped their writing. 

Event details here.

Gas Man 

8pm, Tuesday 9th November, Online Event 

One of the beauties of being a reader is that it opens up the doors to worlds you would otherwise never know. Colin Black’s Gas Man: Observations of an Anaesthetist provides rare insight into the medical world, with both frankness and humour, and I think this Science Gallery Dublin Book Club event will be a great way for many of us to learn something completely new. 

Event details here.

By Land and Sea 

11am, Saturday 13th November, Live Audience interactive 

What a lovely way to spend a morning in Dublin City. Michael O’Loughlin and David Butler are two brilliant poets, writing moving poetry about pressing issues, and this event will involve hearing their poems while walking and sailing along the River Liffey. What a unique experience! 

Event details here.