Meet the #DBF2019 Team!

The lovely #DBF2019 team has been working hard to bring you an exciting festival, full of literary delights. We can’t wait to see you all in November.

Julianne400x500BWJulianne Mooney – Programme Director

Background: Julianne has been programming the Dublin Book Festival since 2010 and has loved every moment of it. Alongside the festival, she has worked at The Ark, is author of The Time Out Guide to Ireland and Reader-in-Residence for Dublin City Public Libraries and DLR Libraries. She considers herself incredibly lucky to work in the world of books – reading has been her favourite pastime ever since she was a little girl and could hold a book in her hands. She is passing on this love of books to her son Jack, whose favourite book is Chris Judge’s The Snow Beast.

What ignited your passion for reading?

“I am the youngest of five children, so I assume my mother barely had time to have a sip of coffee, however, she always had time for stories. We would fight over whose room the story would be told in – wanting to be tucked up in our own cosy bed for the next magical tale. We were brought to the library several times a week and would wander through the lines of books choosing the ones we wanted to take home. I can still remember the smell and the sound of the stamp at the back of the book. I confess, I used to dream of being able to stamp books! As I sit writing this, my Mum is with Jack (my son) reading to him and he is squealing with delight at some picture. This is the person who ignited my passion for books and it is a passion I have never lost and one I hope I have passed on to my son.”


Wedding at Kippure EstateMaria Jervey – Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Background: Maria completed her M. Phil. in International Peace Studies at Trinity College Dublin in 2016 and her MFA in Playwriting at The Lir Academy in 2014. She has worked with Helium Arts as Marketing and Events Coordinator since June 2018. In addition to her arts administration work she is also a playwright. She loves reading, writing, and anything with an engaging story and characters you can root for. She is thrilled to join the #DBF2019 team and meet you all at the festival!

What ignited your passion for reading?

“When I was very young, my father would read fables to me most nights. He would always take the time afterwards to discuss the lesson with me and make sure I understand what the stories meant. When I started school, I found myself looking forward to story time more than any other activity. One of my classmates dad’s would come in once a week and read books to us, using lots of different funny voices for different characters. I started trying to write my own stories on my own, often about animals or mythical creatures, and I haven’t been able to put the pen down ever since.”


meEmily O’Brien – Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Background: Emily completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English in 2016 and is currently enrolled in the MA in Literature and Publishing in NUIG. She has been the co-editor for Bloomers EAI Magazine since its first issue in 2018, and along with the Bloomers team co-ordinates a zine stall for various Irish festivals (KFest, Quarter Block Party, Cork Culture Night). She has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember, and is delighted to be a part of the #DBF2019 team!

What ignited your passion for reading?

“Most of my favourite childhood memories are from Christmas morning when I would get a bundle of books, or reading a book in the backseat while taking a drive to Kerry. Even now, just walking into a bookshop is something that makes me feel safe – books and reading are things that I will always associate with joy and comfort. That’s why getting to read, write and be involved with the festival is something I’m truly excited about!”


20190820_094857Amy O’Sullivan – Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Background: Amy has just finished her M.Phil. in Children’s Literature in Trinity College Dublin. Prior to this, she completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature and History. She reviews books for Children’s Books Ireland. She loves reading and adding to her ever-increasing ‘To Be Read’ pile. Amy is looking forward to being part of the #DBF2019 team!

What ignited your passion for reading?

“My house has always been filled with books and stories. At bedtime my parents would always tell me and my brother a story as well as reading a book, and my love of books has only increased from there. I used to insist on playing libraries in my cousins’ houses so I could read their books! A really good book makes you forget where you are, leaving you surprised when you emerge into your own house, and not a castle on a cliff, a beach or another world. I’ve been lucky to meet so many people throughout my life who love reading and talking about books, but I think I have to credit my parents for starting my love of stories (and finding space for all our books!)”