Thank you!

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you to our wonderful writers, poets, performers, publishers, illustrators, musicians walking tour leaders, young delegates, and book doctors for creating work we love to learn from. Your contribution is so very much appreciated.

Thank you to the fantastic staff at Smock Alley for being so diligent every step of the way and making the festival run as smoothly as possible.

Thank you to our many external venues, and their lovely staff, who have been so eager and amazing in helping us expand the festival across Dublin to reach all.

Thank you to Children’s Books Ireland for making the kids’ programme so unimaginablely fun for all the family.

Thank you to all our sponsors who support us in big ways and in small; every step goes noticed and appreciated.

Thank you to our incredible volunteers without whom, as we are very aware of, this festival would not ever be possible. Your selfless passion for this is inspiring.

And, of course, thank you to all you readers. Your enthusiasm for all things literature is why we do this festival; to share a space as a community of book lovers. Thank you for being the inspiration.

Until next year,

Ruth, Megan, Cassia and Julianne